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  1. B

    Sparkling Wines & Carbonation

    I have read several members threads concerning carbonating champagnes. I wish to add to this discussion and share what I know or think I know so far. I have been making Champenoises for 4 years now so I don't claim to be an expert. Firstly it is important not to follow the wine kit instructions...
  2. E

    Sparkling wine - no sign of sediment from second fermentation

    Hello, After a few years of making sparkling elderflower wine by the usual method, I decided that I don't really like the cloudy, slightly feety concoction, so decided to follow the champagne method of fully fermenting in a DJ (down to 0.97 grav, took 4 weeks due to warm weather). It was...
  3. GreenSmithGoodness

    Bottling Fermented Shrub Soda

    I've been really into fermenting fruit shrubs and using them in mixed drinks and as added flavors for soda. How can I bottle it without pasturizing it, while maintaining the quality of the product? similarly, I have also been fermenting elderflower champagne and want to do the same. This is...
  4. S

    Bulk Sparkling Wine

    Hi All, I'm looking for a supplier of bulk sparkling wine - ideally in drum/tote format. Does any one know where to look? I'm on the east coast, but could be anywhere in the US. Thanks!