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  1. J

    Graff with Champagne Yeast & Ale Yeast

    Hey Cider Gurus, Here for another deep dive into my thought process and to get your feedback. So I am looking to improve upon a graff I made a couple months back that turned out excellent, but a little too sweet (lip smacking) and low ABV (4.5%) Essentially, what I think happened, the...
  2. thisissami

    Low temperatures for champagne yeast in cider

    Hi All, I'm working on my first cider batch right now. It's been close to 48 hours and there's still no bubbling in my airlock. I'm sure it's temperature related, and have some questions about that. Here's what I've done: I pressed my own apples (have about 2.5 gallons of juice that I...
  3. thisisxxmyIPA

    Help! Fermentation is stuck on Belgian Quad

    So.... my fermentation seems to be stuck for my Quad. I used Wyeast Trappist High Grav, and have since pitched dry champagne yeast to try to finish up fermentation. The champagne yeast has produced no krausen and seems to be going nowhere. Furthermore - The simple syrup that I started...
  4. TVarmy

    First time fermenting any bev period, Am I on the right track?

    Hi, I found this recipe on Lifehacker a while back and I'm going to give it a try with some supplies I bought from the homebrew store this past week. I have champagne yeast, and I'm planning on getting some unpasteurized cider from the next pressing at a local orchard. I'll use campford...