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  1. K

    IPA SMaSH malt: Marris Otter or Pilsner?

    I'm going to be brewing tomorrow and I'm debating which kind of malt to use. The recipe is essentially a clone of Double Mountain's Vaporizer IPA—though they used some Brewers Gold in their beer. I originally was going to just use Pilsner malt as the base. Yet I was thinking that Marris...
  2. K

    My first SMaSH: The Continental (AG)

    I'm going to brew this sometime next week and was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips. I'm going for a ipa-esque brew. This particular beer is inspired by the Vaporizer IPA that Double Mountain put out a while back. I guess this isn't a true SMaSH as I add in some Carapils for body, but...
  3. K

    Dry hopping AND late additions in SMaSH?

    I'm planning on doing a SMaSH with some Challenger hops and Pilsner Malt. (It's essentially a clone of Double Mountain's Vaporizer IPA.) Since it's going to be a rather hoppy beer so I decided on doing a bunch of late additions, but I figured I could also do some dry hopping with the...