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  1. T

    Exchilerator Triclover $140 shipped

    Great counterflow chiller - no issues at all. I used a dozen or so times. I sourced a hydra immersion for cheap and now I no longer use. I did a thorough deep clean before storage. Paid $225 Sell $140 including shipping to CONUS
  2. Gadjobrinus

    Better Choice for Post Leaf HopBack, and one pass - CFC, PC?

    I know in so many ways this has been beaten to death but I did search and haven't found something specific to this. I am moving to whole leaf brewing, in stages. I am planning on inserting a whole leaf hopback after the pump, on to a chiller. I don't have the ability to gravity feed the HB...
  3. B

    Hop Filter Necessary with CFC?

    I am almost done with a 10 gallon eBIAB build, and I am wondering if I need to use a hop spider or not. I own one of the stainless mesh baskets that hang from the side of the kettle, but I would have to modify it to be able to keep my lid on for my steam condenser. I have only once had issues...
  4. B

    Optimize Flow through Counterflow Chiller

    I am converting my old gravity-fed CFC to be used with a pump and a whirlpool arm. I plan on using the SpinCycle whirlpool arm, which requires a 1/2" NPT male connection. I plan on just using camlock fittings, and I will use 1/2" ID silicon tubing on the input end of my chiller, but I have...
  5. B

    Best tubing size to use with CFC

    I am planning on slowly upgrading my brewing rig. The next step is to add a pump so I can more easily chill my beer and whirlpool - for both leaving trub behind and more easily adding whirlpool hops. If I remember correctly, my CFC copper tubing is 3/8" OD and 1/4" ID: I am assuming that it is...
  6. W

    Cleaning flux from diy cfc

    Hi guys I saw a few threads when I searched, but I was hoping to get a little better answer for this. I just finished building my cfc. It's built with 3/8 copper interior tubing and all the fittings are copper as well. I did a TSP soak, vinegar soak, and then rinsed the hell out of it. Water...
  7. E

    Counter Flow Chiller -$50 shipped - Bobbym's design

    I made two of these when building one for myself since it is so much cheaper to purchase the 3/8" copper tubing in 50' sections. I use one and I am selling the other. I have used the other one to cool off several batches and this design is very effective. My system is gravity fed, so it...