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  1. flyerwire

    For Sale 20G Spike+ TC w/ 2 CF15s, Glycol Chiller, Accessories - Philly Area - $3500 OBO

    Moving and unfortunately need to downsize my system. Looking to sell my 20G Spike+ system that has served me well over the years. Purchased in April of 2020, about 50 brews on it over the last few years. Would prefer to sell it turnkey, all included - Spike 3 vessel 20G system with a double...
  2. M

    Spike CF15 question

    I am curious if the standard bracing shelf will support the extended legs, either the short or the longer ones. I have the standard shelf and I’m wondering if I should have ordered the extended one. Just wondering anyone else’s experiences with the standard shelf and leg extensions. I also have...
  3. ja_in_NJ

    Slight bend on lip of Spike CF15 lid?

    Hi Spike users, I recently purchased two CF15s and came across an odd find on the lids. There appears to be a deliberate “fold” or “bend” in the lip of the lid. I thought it may have been damaged in shipping but afterI opened the second box and found the same thing I thought that it was too...
  4. Squirrels

    CF15 5 gallon batches

    Creating this thread to record using the cf15 for 5ish gallon batches. Today I brewed a 6 gallon Rauchbier in my CF15 and it is working just fine so far. I moved the sample valve to a not so great position. I can't take any samples this way. I think for this to work better, I would recommend...