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  1. M

    Spike CF15 question

    I am curious if the standard bracing shelf will support the extended legs, either the short or the longer ones. I have the standard shelf and I’m wondering if I should have ordered the extended one. Just wondering anyone else’s experiences with the standard shelf and leg extensions. I also have...
  2. ja_in_NJ

    Slight bend on lip of Spike CF15 lid?

    Hi Spike users, I recently purchased two CF15s and came across an odd find on the lids. There appears to be a deliberate “fold” or “bend” in the lip of the lid. I thought it may have been damaged in shipping but afterI opened the second box and found the same thing I thought that it was too...
  3. Squirrels

    CF15 5 gallon batches

    Creating this thread to record using the cf15 for 5ish gallon batches. Today I brewed a 6 gallon Rauchbier in my CF15 and it is working just fine so far. I moved the sample valve to a not so great position. I can't take any samples this way. I think for this to work better, I would recommend...