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  1. mrbeachroach

    For Sale Kegerator $400OBO (One of a kind) for sale Nashville Tn area/ Cookeville

    I am selling my kegerator. Everything works great, just downsizing my homebrew operation. I converted an old hot point refrigerator and freezer into a kegerator. It will hold a nitrogen tank, CO2 tank, and (3) 5 gallon corney kegs. Typically I would have two beers on tap and one lagering...
  2. azbirazbira

    Dry hop on day 5 of fermentation

    Hello everyone. I am joining from Turkey. I've been making whole grain beer for many years. But I see myself at the beginning of the road. Because I have so much to learn. :) Now I want to ask you about one of them. I brewed a smash beer from my own grown cascade hops and poured it into the...
  3. C

    Citra/Cascade APA recipe critique

    Doing my second all grain batch and decided to try to come up with a recipe myself. Needless to say, I haven't been decisive about any part of it. I'm shooting for a crisp, easy drinking APA, perfect for a hot September! OG: 1.053 FG: 1.011 IBU: 39 ABV: 5.5% Grain: 9.2 lbs (77%) American 2-row...
  4. D

    Cereal Beer Grain to Glass Video

    Warning!! This video is a bit long, some people get very offended by that! One of my bucket list beers is finally made. I made a beer from my favorite childhood cereal Start. Cheers and stay safe!
  5. dangove

    Cascade Hops - Commercial Beers other than APA/IPA that use them??

    Hello, I have a lot of Cascade hops, and I'm looking for beers that aren't APA or IPA, that I could try them in. Do you know any commercial beer examples (not APA/IPA) that use them?? I think Yeungling Lager has it in their recipe. D
  6. BilltownBrewingCo

    "GoldenEye" Pale Ale

    Yes, I am that guy that named his pale ale fermented with WLP 007 after a bond movie... haha, i'm sure there's been thousands of us! Considering entering this into a competition when it's finished, it's been fermenting for 4.5 days, passed high karusen in 2 days, big chunky flocced yeast storm...
  7. Kris Brew


    Hi All, I am new to home brewing, tried a small batch from a kit my bro bought me... it didn't pan out quite right however i really enjoyed what i was doing but had inadequate kit which made everything difficult (pots too small, tiny hob ect..) so i have set myself up with Gas Burner, DIY...
  8. M

    Best Cheap Hop Combos

    I've been intrigued about hop combos and their biotransformations ever since I heard Stan Hieronymus speak about them. Using nugget and chinook in the whirl pool and/or dry hop produce something much fruitier/tropical than either on their own. I've tried it and it seems to be true. Has anyone...
  9. M

    Homegrown IPA's

    Who grows hops for IPA's? What have you found to be the best homegrown IPA hops? Centennial isn't as vigorous as the other C hops, but has been a good producer. It's the earliest for me (I'm picking it now). I've never sprayed in 10ish years of growing and never had disease issues, but hear...
  10. S

    An Economical recipe

    I am trying to tailor my first all grain recipe ( in the last 5 years) to work around buying in 50lb bulk bags of grain so I broke the bag into 2 batches each yielding (in theory at least) 12 and a half gallons of beer. I am not sure about the hop quantities though, i am modifying a recipe i...
  11. J

    Hop Help (another IPA critique)

    I got a brew coming up Thursday before I leave town for a week. My first Imperial IPA I don't have any experience with any of these hops aside from cascade. Heres the recipe; I'm planning on doing continuous additions ala DFH. Let me know what ya think. 13.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0...
  12. nutty_gnome

    Funny smell from hops

    I sniffed at a 1/2 ounce bag of cascades in my fridge last night. The hops have been in a ziplock bag there since mid November (I guess). In addition to the usual hops smell I thought I caught a whiff of something vaguely cheesy. So the question is, is that slight scent an indication that the...
  13. JimE

    Old Stone House Pale Ale

    Ingredients: ------------ Amount Item Type % or IBU 10 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 90.91 % 1 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM) Grain 9.09 % 1.20 oz...