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  1. C

    Hop Water/Seltzer - Troubleshooting Carbonation and Dispensing

    Having some issues getting a proper/well carbed hop water pour. I believe I have it carbed to the correct volume (right around 4) and I'm using an adequate amount of tubing, but something isn't adding up. The pressure is excessive at the beginning of the pour resulting in a burst of foam...
  2. Blackbear78

    Very small batch--question about carbonation

    I just found this site and I am excited to get to know more. I am making my 1st two batches right now in hopes to have an idea on how this all works and MAYBE have a simple cider for my wedding to share with my wife. Right now I have one new batch started that I made with 1 gallon of apple...
  3. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Keg Lid Carbonation Stone

    Hello guys! I recently bought a keg lid with a carbonation stone to start kegging and carbonating my beer. I was wondering if you guys have any insight on how to use it. I have followed the following steps: lower keg temperature to 39F apply carbonation stone at 4PSI for 30 minutes increased...
  4. S

    Under Sink Carbonated Water Setup in home

    Hey all! Long time lurker, thought I’d share my recent project. Afterall, couldn’t have pulled it off without a few hours here. I tried to attached pictures and a diagram, but I am getting an error (on iPhone). Will try on a PC later. I’m running 110psi into a refurbished Big Mac...
  5. P

    Newbie here---adding sugar to carbonate

    On my third batch...using sugar cube/drops to carbonate once bottled. 32 oz bottles. 2 did nothing, 3 did nothing. 4 got some...trying 5 this batch How much will this impact flavor---meaning make it sweeter? Used a lot of sucrose to increase alcohol...tasted ok when bottling. Now am asking if...