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  1. Blackbear78

    Very small batch--question about carbonation

    I just found this site and I am excited to get to know more. I am making my 1st two batches right now in hopes to have an idea on how this all works and MAYBE have a simple cider for my wedding to share with my wife. Right now I have one new batch started that I made with 1 gallon of apple...
  2. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Keg Lid Carbonation Stone

    Hello guys! I recently bought a keg lid with a carbonation stone to start kegging and carbonating my beer. I was wondering if you guys have any insight on how to use it. I have followed the following steps: lower keg temperature to 39F apply carbonation stone at 4PSI for 30 minutes increased...
  3. S

    Under Sink Carbonated Water Setup in home

    Hey all! Long time lurker, thought I’d share my recent project. Afterall, couldn’t have pulled it off without a few hours here. I tried to attached pictures and a diagram, but I am getting an error (on iPhone). Will try on a PC later. I’m running 110psi into a refurbished Big Mac...
  4. P

    Newbie here---adding sugar to carbonate

    On my third batch...using sugar cube/drops to carbonate once bottled. 32 oz bottles. 2 did nothing, 3 did nothing. 4 got some...trying 5 this batch How much will this impact flavor---meaning make it sweeter? Used a lot of sucrose to increase alcohol...tasted ok when bottling. Now am asking if...