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  1. olie

    Do you lager carbonated or uncarbonated?

    [NOTE: I tried tagging this on to a seemingly-related ancient thread, but didn't get any traction...] Do y'all lager carbonated or uncarbonated beer? That is, do you (i) keg, carbonate, lager (or (ia) carbonate, keg, lager) or (ii) keg, lager, carbonate? That is: Is the beer carbonated during...
  2. davidhilljr2016

    Does Racking Eliminate Carbonation?

    Hey Everyone, I have an idea to batch prime my cider in my fermentation bucket leave it for a few weeks to carbonate in the bucket. Then when I am ready to bottle, sweeten the carbonated batch, bottle and pasturize all in one go. What do you guys think about this? Will racking a carbonated batch...
  3. D

    Sold Chicago Area - Blichmann QuickCarb - Brand New - $100

    Brand new Blichmann Quick Carb system. Planned to use it, but never did. Available for local pickup in Downers Grove, IL. Will ship at buyers expense. Price is $100
  4. G

    Carbonating a blonde ale in keg

    I wanted to know how long and at what psi should i carbonate a blonde ale in a keg? I dont want to force carbonate it but wanted to carbonate over a course of 5-7 days. Is there a chart out there or recommendation? Thanks.
  5. J

    Beginner brewer questions.

    Ok so I’m new to home brewing. I’ve so far done 2 brews with the kits you buy online and it makes about 5 gallons or about 50 bottles. Both times they tasted great I was very pleased with the results... at first. After the 2 week carbonation process in bottles I put them all in the fridge I...
  6. S

    Kegged Soda

    Hi, Does anyone know how long it should take to carbonate flavored soda? I heard it can take a while due to the amount of sugar dissolved in the liquid. I've been carbonating since Saturday at about 45 PSI between 0ºC to 2ºC. There are some faint bubbles but not enough to make it a good drink...
  7. Aróchito

    Re-pitching 5 gallons of Cider

    Greetings! Back in January I added 2 lbs of sugar to 5 gallons of apple juice with a red wine yeast and it's been sitting in secondary ever since. Now I want it dry-hopped and carbonated. What would you say is the lowest amount of sugar I should add that's enough to kick-start the fermentation...
  8. Sergiy

    Beer overflow after opening

    Hi everyone, i met a problem with my beer. After opening i had i huge amount of foam and beer taste was over-carbonated and feels yeasty. I kept it for 2 week for bottle conditioning and 1.5 week in fridge. Also i had very hot environment while fermenting. Should i give it more time in a fridge...
  9. R

    To prime, or not to prime?

    So this may be a dumb, and asked before question, but I am new to all this so please bear with me. I am making an apple cider from freshly squeezed apples, it has been in my primary for 12 days, I back sweetened with some fresh apple juice, and left if for 2more days, it's at a point now where...
  10. D

    New Jersey Blichmann Quick Carb Brand New

    Bought this Blichmann Quick Carb but I’ve never used it. Looking to clear out some gear. New at $180 + shipping, looking for $150. Prefer pickup in Hoboken, NJ but would be open to ship.
  11. Gregory T

    Kegging Trappists carbonation settings

    I kegged my first beer recently after years of bottling. I typically carb my Belgians to approximately 3.25. I’m curious what settings people are using to carbonate their Belgians in kegs? Also, do you serve at the same pressure? At 40°F my pressure would be at 20psi. Which seems high for...
  12. wheatgerm

    Carbonate in the jug

    For a few years now I’ve purchased a gallon sized glass jug of organic apple juice at Whole Foods each year at the holidays and fermented it right in the jug with a pack of red star. I’d like to give some of these as gifts this year but the bottle carbonating is a mess for such small amounts...
  13. midipitti

    Force Carbonating Warm

    Hey Guys, I'm new here but having some issues force carbonating. I know that CO2 holds better in cold but I don't yet have a kegerator and I read you can still carbonate warm with more pressure. I tired that and it works warm but when I bottle and put the beers in the fridge to cool them down -...
  14. gradnin

    Fermenting in Cans?

    When I brew IPAs I carbonate in kegs and when I brew stouts I carbonate in bottles. I now have an All American Can Seamer. Any reason to avoid fermenting (s/b carbonating) in cans?
  15. kelogs

    pressure regulators behaviour, sugar carbonating

    Hi, First time making cider - I have this standard pressure regulator like most other folks (not this really, but strikingly similar) I've set it to 2.3 bar (35 PSI) and let it sit for some 3 weeks, hoping my 17 C (59 F) cider barrel would carbonate. Result: apart from some nice looking...
  16. JedSmithBrewery

    Carbing with Apple Juice?

    Ok well the general consensus is that 3/4 cup of dextrose is the standard for carbing a five gallon batch of....well...anything. I was trying to stay away from refined sugars in this batch so would it be ok to substitute apple juice for the dextrose. Because there are around 200 grams of...