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  1. Aróchito

    Re-pitching 5 gallons of Cider

    Greetings! Back in January I added 2 lbs of sugar to 5 gallons of apple juice with a red wine yeast and it's been sitting in secondary ever since. Now I want it dry-hopped and carbonated. What would you say is the lowest amount of sugar I should add that's enough to kick-start the fermentation...
  2. Sergiy

    Beer overflow after opening

    Hi everyone, i met a problem with my beer. After opening i had i huge amount of foam and beer taste was over-carbonated and feels yeasty. I kept it for 2 week for bottle conditioning and 1.5 week in fridge. Also i had very hot environment while fermenting. Should i give it more time in a fridge...
  3. R

    To prime, or not to prime?

    So this may be a dumb, and asked before question, but I am new to all this so please bear with me. I am making an apple cider from freshly squeezed apples, it has been in my primary for 12 days, I back sweetened with some fresh apple juice, and left if for 2more days, it's at a point now where...
  4. D

    New Jersey Blichmann Quick Carb Brand New

    Bought this Blichmann Quick Carb but I’ve never used it. Looking to clear out some gear. New at $180 + shipping, looking for $150. Prefer pickup in Hoboken, NJ but would be open to ship.
  5. Gregory T

    Kegging Trappists carbonation settings

    I kegged my first beer recently after years of bottling. I typically carb my Belgians to approximately 3.25. I’m curious what settings people are using to carbonate their Belgians in kegs? Also, do you serve at the same pressure? At 40°F my pressure would be at 20psi. Which seems high for...
  6. wheatgerm

    Carbonate in the jug

    For a few years now I’ve purchased a gallon sized glass jug of organic apple juice at Whole Foods each year at the holidays and fermented it right in the jug with a pack of red star. I’d like to give some of these as gifts this year but the bottle carbonating is a mess for such small amounts...
  7. midipitti

    Force Carbonating Warm

    Hey Guys, I'm new here but having some issues force carbonating. I know that CO2 holds better in cold but I don't yet have a kegerator and I read you can still carbonate warm with more pressure. I tired that and it works warm but when I bottle and put the beers in the fridge to cool them down -...
  8. gradnin

    Fermenting in Cans?

    When I brew IPAs I carbonate in kegs and when I brew stouts I carbonate in bottles. I now have an All American Can Seamer. Any reason to avoid fermenting (s/b carbonating) in cans?
  9. kelogs

    pressure regulators behaviour, sugar carbonating

    Hi, First time making cider - I have this standard pressure regulator like most other folks (not this really, but strikingly similar) I've set it to 2.3 bar (35 PSI) and let it sit for some 3 weeks, hoping my 17 C (59 F) cider barrel would carbonate. Result: apart from some nice looking...
  10. JedSmithBrewery

    Carbing with Apple Juice?

    Ok well the general consensus is that 3/4 cup of dextrose is the standard for carbing a five gallon batch of....well...anything. I was trying to stay away from refined sugars in this batch so would it be ok to substitute apple juice for the dextrose. Because there are around 200 grams of...