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  1. C

    Any proven substitute for flaked wheat

    Hi all, I am going to brew a witbier this weekend, but I am struggling to find flaked wheat here. The recipe is 50% Pale Malt 2-raw // 40% flaked wheat // 10% flaked oats Anyone has already successfully substituted flaked wheat for a witbier in the past? I have seen somewhere else on the...
  2. C

    Is too much Carapils bad?

    I'm brewing my first batch and was hoping to tackle a New England IPA recipe I found. It called for about 6% Carapils. The problem is I order everything online in 1lb increments and when I picked it up, everything was ground and combined in one bag. So the ground combination is about 11%...
  3. ApolloMC

    Beersmith and Carapils

    Beersmith seems to have Carapils and Carafoam set as fermentable by default. Has anyone else noticed this? I know I can change it myself, but I'm just curious why this would be, or if I'm missing something. Was it just an oversight by the Beersmith devs? I'm up to date with 3.0. I think...
  4. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Brewing a Belgian Dubbel with WLP611 - New Nordic Yeast Blend

    I ordered WLP611 back in September of 2017. It finally arrived last week. I brewed up a Belgian Dubbel. Full details and the recipe I used are available on my website: I'll post a review back here...
  5. zgardener

    How Can I Decrease Maltiness Without Lowering Gravity?

    A few weeks ago I brewed a great APA, here's the recipe 6lbs Light LME 5.5lbs Pale Ale Malt .25lb Carapils 1.5lb Crystal Malt 20L .5lbs Rye .25 Oz Brewers Gold 60 min .25 Oz Brewers Gold 45 min .25 Oz Brewers Gold 30 min .25 Oz Glacier 30 min .25 Oz Glacier 15 min .25 Oz Glacier...
  6. SteinBrew

    CaraPils/Dextrin Malt - How much to use?

    I have a quick question: When using CaraPils/Dextrin malt in a 10-gallon batch of all-grain ale, what percentage of the grain bill should be allotted? Side notes: - I am using this malt strictly for increased foam, head retention, and enhanced mouthfeel. - I am under the impression that...