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  1. snarf7

    Strong caramel taste to all amber ales

    I've tried extracts as well as partial mash and even tried a whole grain one for kicks. They all seem to have way too much caramel going on, to the point where my wife calls it 'desert beer'. I like some toasted caramel notes in an ale but so far my attempts have wound up all tasting the same...
  2. F


    hello brewers, Here in New England the weather isn’t quite right for a fruity or summer beer. Considering that I wanted to wait and for my next brew demonstrate how much of a sweet caramel flavor I can add to a pale or amber ale. Any recommendations on how to get the sweetest caramel flavor...
  3. javert

    Getting Red Ale while minimizing flavor effect.

    I've been on a trial and error quest for the best way to get the reddish color of Irish or American Red Ales, but I'm finding it hard to do without getting a big toffee taste that can assault the mouth on the first gulp. Great Western Malting's crystal 60 proved to be too little for the effect...