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  1. snarf7

    Carapils or Wheat?

    I'm looking to make a light, citrusy IPA so I'm keeping the grains simple. People seem to recommend either Carapils or Wheat in small amounts 5-10% to improve head retention etc. What are the properties that each adds to the equation? Is it a one or the other or do you ever use both? Does one go...
  2. abdominousabel

    Carapils vs Malto Dextrin

    Hey all, So my saison recipe calls for “American - Carapils (Dextrin Malt)” and I went to my LHBS and they didn’t have Carapils as a grain but they had Malto Dextrin and it looks exactly like DME or Dextrose. I was wondering if these to are the same. And if so what is the ratio between the two.
  3. ApolloMC

    Beersmith and Carapils

    Beersmith seems to have Carapils and Carafoam set as fermentable by default. Has anyone else noticed this? I know I can change it myself, but I'm just curious why this would be, or if I'm missing something. Was it just an oversight by the Beersmith devs? I'm up to date with 3.0. I think...