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  1. C

    Capping, I think I suck at it.

    I have brewed 2 batches and have had both batches with some bottles carbonated nicely and some not at all.... I have waited 3 weeks and I am starting to think it is my capping skills. I think I was worried about breaking bottles that I did not get all of the caps tight enough on some and just...
  2. piojo

    Bought new caps, struggling to force them on. Is it the caps or the capper?

    I reuse cleaned beer bottles. I have a bench top capper that looks like this, which I think is the most popular and cheapest unbranded capper (though not from the specific store I linked to). I've used it without problem, but the most recent batch of crown caps I bought is pretty hard to use...
  3. Saunassa

    How hard should we press down when capping?

    Yes I looked through quite a few pages on capping but this never really was addressed. I use an Agata bench capper and the caps push hard and then seem to slip into place. Do I push down then real hard or since it has already seated and feels like the bell has slid down is it good enough...
  4. TrubDude

    Hold or Cap

    I will be away for two weeks. My batch is sitting in secondary for 1 week now. Should I let it sit for 2 more or cap and hope it's carbonated by the time I leave? Beginner question. Just started brewing a few months ago. Thanks!