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  1. J

    Rusted bottle capper

    Hi! From my last brew/bottling day I used Oxiclean to clean all my brewing equipment instead of PBW. This weekend I intend to bottle the batch that is fermenting right now, and while I was making sure I had everything ok, i noticed my bottle caper got rusted. Do you guys recommend using it...
  2. Skippari

    Diy capper for 3 bottles

    Hope I post this in right place.. did not find any capper projects here... So I made it, but it is not fully functional yet.. Still it is kinda unique concept.. at least I do not know of similar systems.. Not only it makes it possible to add caps to 3 bottles at time it works in opposite way as...
  3. piojo

    Bought new caps, struggling to force them on. Is it the caps or the capper?

    I reuse cleaned beer bottles. I have a bench top capper that looks like this, which I think is the most popular and cheapest unbranded capper (though not from the specific store I linked to). I've used it without problem, but the most recent batch of crown caps I bought is pretty hard to use...
  4. kansasbrew

    Is my capper already broken

    I purchased a capper at my LHBS and got it home. It worked great for the first 20 bottles or so, and then suddenly started slipping and bending caps. I was able to finish, but had to concentrate intently to make every thing was lined up perfect and the pressure was evenly distributed on both...