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  1. S

    Cap management

    Hello, I am brewing my first mead and I decided to use some dried fruits as additional sugar content. I've read about fruits being on the surface can cause mold to grow. How can I combat this if my fruits wont sink? Should I just gently shake the vessel few times a day without removing the...
  2. Steven Sinclair

    Quick Disconnect Cap/Cover

    Looking for caps/covers for male 1/2" Quick Disconnect fittings... Do these exist? I've been searching all over the innerwebs for a product like this or even something that is close to it and would work, but the closest I've found is caps/covers for hydraulic QDs. Unfortunately, those don't...
  3. E

    Cheap source for carbonation caps??

    Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone has found a good, cheap source for carbonation caps? I have a nice stainless steal one, that I left at a buddies place with a bottle full of cider. I like leaving beer behind, but I don't want to have to take the cap off before going home... A carbonation...
  4. J

    Rusted bottle capper

    Hi! From my last brew/bottling day I used Oxiclean to clean all my brewing equipment instead of PBW. This weekend I intend to bottle the batch that is fermenting right now, and while I was making sure I had everything ok, i noticed my bottle caper got rusted. Do you guys recommend using it...