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  1. D

    New Jersey Oktober Design SL1 Homebrew Can Seamer + 16oz Cans Like New

    Purchased this a few months ago, and used less than 5 times. Practically brand new. Have slowed down on home brewing beer significantly and would rather it go to a good home. Comes w a box of unused cans & tops ready to be filled and sealed. Box came with 192, I’ve probably tested/used around...

    Purchasing cans for home brew

    I recently purchased a can seamer from Oktober Design. They are terrific and the seamer is nice. My only concern is that they appear to be my only source for cans in homebrew (or small brewery) quantities. Every other supplier I see requires a pallet (2,400+ cans) up to a truck load minimum...
  3. gradnin

    Fermenting in Cans?

    When I brew IPAs I carbonate in kegs and when I brew stouts I carbonate in bottles. I now have an All American Can Seamer. Any reason to avoid fermenting (s/b carbonating) in cans?
  4. gradnin

    Carbonating in Cans?

    I recently acquired a hand-cranked 225 series All-American Seamer for 12oz or 16oz aluminum cans. I have been filling the cans from a keg via a beer gun (well, Last Straw). Thus far I have found this to be a messy process with too much foam and too much wasted beer -- hoping that I get better...