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  1. K

    For Sale Cannular Pro Bench Top Can & Seamer - $499

    Moving and won't have space for homebrew canning. Looking to offload my Cannular Pro - purchased <1 yr ago. Comes with splash guard and power supply. Firm on price as retails for around $850 and is less than 1 yr old. Tried to upload video of it working, but file is too large. Can email to...
  2. H

    For Sale Selling Cannular (Manual Verison) With Power Supply ($500 - Rhode Island)

    I’m selling my Cannular (manual) canning machine with 110V power supply. I also have ~35 new cans and lids left and a stand-alone plexiglass shield (made by a friend, not the cannular official one) that will also be included with the deal. The machine still works great, I’ve had it for nearly...
  3. S

    First time canning soda questions

    Hey everyone, hope you’re all well. This is my first time posting so bare with me. So I’m trying to can soda for the first time as well as figuring out the best method to maintain the carbonation integrity. To start, I read that 35-39° F is an ideal temperature to can soda; This temp makes sure...
  4. Golddiggie

    Sold DELETE

    Sold... DELETE