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  1. JAReeves

    Can Seamers

    Greetings, Did a search for this topic, but didn't come up with a thread for it. If you have a link, I'll take it. Q: If you have a canning system for your homebrew, which one and what are your likes/dislikes? I am thinking about getting one, and since they are all basically the same price...
  2. Golddiggie

    For Sale Tapcooler can filler items

    Since I've gone to using the newer piece to mate with the can, I no longer need the original items I purchased. Items included: bar clamp (from Tapcooler), can adapter piece (two since one had a chip come off while trying to connect to the clamp originally), Original (small, round) base...
  3. Doc-Da-Mic

    Preserving home-brew in crowler cans

    I'm planning to take about 9 gallons of home-brew on vacation in a couple weeks, and I've arranged for a local brewery to let me use their walk-in cooler and crowler seemer to can up all my brew, so I don't have to take kegs and gas and all that stuff. My question is this: what's the best way...
  4. D

    How about building a small kegerator with the stuff i got in the mail?