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  1. Golddiggie

    For Sale Tapcooler can filler items

    Since I've gone to using the newer piece to mate with the can, I no longer need the original items I purchased. Items included: bar clamp (from Tapcooler), can adapter piece (two since one had a chip come off while trying to connect to the clamp originally), Original (small, round) base...
  2. Doc-Da-Mic

    Preserving home-brew in crowler cans

    I'm planning to take about 9 gallons of home-brew on vacation in a couple weeks, and I've arranged for a local brewery to let me use their walk-in cooler and crowler seemer to can up all my brew, so I don't have to take kegs and gas and all that stuff. My question is this: what's the best way...
  3. D

    How about building a small kegerator with the stuff i got in the mail?