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candy sugar

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  1. R

    Butterrum Lifesavers for Primary???

    Im most likely going to try a half gallon experimental batch with butter rum flavored Lifesavers melted down, honey, water, and yeast. Has anyone ever attempted using hard candies? I'm afraid it'll be rocket fuel when it's done but I really want to make a Butterbeer (like from Harry Potter). Any...
  2. D

    OG too low, can add candysugar after 1 week?

    So I brewed a witbeer, and I didn't get to my target OG. Stupid enough, I wanted to finish, so I have boiled shorter than I was supposed to, without realizing that this would affect my OG :no:(leasson learned!) Planned ABV was 4.9%, now would be 4.1% according to BeerSmith (if the fermentations...