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  1. C

    Replacing crystal malt with candi sugar

    Hi, Is it possible to replace the crystal malt with candi sugar on british style? Like a bitter. I suppose the candi would give you a thinner body, but that could get compensated with a higher temp mash. Would the flavor be any similar? Has anyone done this?
  2. chaps

    Strawberry Belgian with Candi Sugar

    Im going to be attempting a strawberry blonde belgian with some clear Belgian Candi sugar for extra sweetness. The recipe is basically the Mill Pond kit from GFHB (Pale rice, Crystal and M41 belgian yeast). I am planning on adding some biscuit rice to the mash and 3lbs of the strawberry puree...
  3. D

    How much candi sugar instead of syrup

    I've got a recipe for a dark ipa, and it called for dark candi syrup. Unfortunately, there was only dark candi sugar available. Recipe calls for .5 lbs of candi syrup at flame out. If I were to pull some wort to melt the candi, how much candi to eaqual the .5 lbs of syrup? Is there a formula...