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  1. willbrown1020

    When to add campden and when to clarify?

    Hello all, When do I add the campden tablets to my newly racked mead of 5 gallons. I also have potassium sorbate but I think I’m supposed to add it when I bottle it. I also have clarification liquids called super-kleer kc finings. So when do I add the 3 of these items? Campden first, then...
  2. C

    Campden Tablets and Fermentation Question

    I am new to mead making and decided to buy a 1 gallon mead kit from a local brew supply store. The instructions stated to add a crushed Campden tablet to the must 24 hours before pitching the yeast. Beersmith (I brew beer regularly) stated that I should only add 1.5 grams of lalvin 71b to...
  3. C

    Added Campden tablet to hot must.

    Hi I'm Craig and new to wine making. I have an issue with a Campden tablet. I prepared my hot must as per the recipe after dutifully sterilising everything. As per the instructions for Raspberry wine in Terry Garry's Joy of home winemaking, I crushed a Campden tablet mixed with water and added...
  4. W

    How to use campdem tablets (SMS)?

    I have a few questions regarding this, thanks!!! The wine is a Sauvignon Blanc from a juice kit. How many should I add to the batch right before bottling this batch? It’s 23 litres/6 gallons. There are 80 tablets in the 50g package. How long do I need to wait before it is safe to drink? I...
  5. M

    Fruit wine-campden or no campden?

    Hi! First time brewer here, read many posts on this site which were informative, so I signed up today. I am hoping to make a raspberry-pear wine in some store-bought white grape juice. Reading through instructions again, I think I missed a step. Washed all fruit in water, then soaked in a...
  6. Trey Ark

    White Spider Web-like wisps in Wine

    I froze my grapes and berries whenever I had extra left when I would routine grocery shop. Mashed them, pressed them, and put it into a 1-gallon carboy. I put in 1.5 Campden tablets in. Rather be a little over sterilized then vice versa with the potential of them harboring any of the crap nearby...
  7. M

    Is undeluted campden tablets crush safe to drink?

    Hi Chaps, I hope you are doing fine. I'm making wine for the first time. and as part of the process I added crushed campden tablets to the finest I could and added them to the wort/must. It is been 2 weeks now and the powder still floating in the wine!!!!!!! So my question is, is it safe...
  8. Afonso Correia

    Campden tablets and Potassium sorbate

    Hey there Im Im new at this and planning to make a batch of mead I read about it and some places said i i needed to add Potassium sorbate to halt the fermentation process and other places i read i also had to add crushed campden tablets before fermentation Do i need to do both? Crushed campden...
  9. F


    In brewing I use metabisulphate as campden tablets to remove chlorine/chloramine from the water. I know in beer that the boil removes the leftover sulphates. I am about to make my first mead and wanted to do the same but do not know how long I need to boil to do so. Any help appreciated thank you!
  10. B

    Proper use of campden tablets in a recipe that calls for the staggered addition of a sugar source

    I'm very new to all this, but is my intent to brew an oaked apple maple acerglyn by slightly altering this recipe My plan is to brew about five gallons--as per the recipe--but utilize an appropriate amount of...
  11. Bubbles2

    quick question about Campden tabs

    Thanks for looking in, 1st time wine brewer here, following a post where it calls for Sugar to 1095 O.G, Tannins, Acid blend, campden tab, and Yeast Nutes. let stand for 12 hours. I forgot to order Yeast Nutes.... Do I need to re add another campden tab when the yeast nutes get here? I sealed...