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  1. Golddiggie

    For Sale WTS: Cam lock fittings, three piece ball valves, HERMS coil and sight tube

    Selling off hardware I'm not using. Plus items from my HLT since I need to replace it (I screwed up with the position of the fittings welded into it for the HERMS coil relative to element placement). Cam lock fittings: 8 male with female thread [type A] $3 each 14 male with male thread [type F]...
  2. Nate R

    Easy Connectors: Quick Disconnects (QD's) vs. Cam Locks vs. Blichmann model QD's

    Hello community. I am changing my brew system and have decided to move to some form of quick disconnect system, as I will be moving a 1/2" ID pump line for an all-in-one system. I see about 3 major types: Quick Disconnect, Cam Locks, and then Blichmann's proprietary system. So, I was hoping to...
  3. Vinic

    Missouri Cam Lock Fittings 1/2"

    I bought a full setup here on this forum in the summer of 2017. These fittings were included, but so were enough tri-clover, which was my preference. Time to let go of them, as I really don't see them in our program. $60 plus shipping takes the whole lot. The tri-clover in the pic are 1 1/2" TC...