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  1. EBrewerPDX

    Recipe Advice/Help - California Common

    Hello! Looking to make a more interesting steam beer than a typical 2-row, Chocolate, and Crystal. How does this sound? Any suggestions or feedback highly welcomed. 5.5 Gal AG 4.6 lb. 2 Row Pale Malt. (41%) 4.6 lb. Maris Otter Pale (41%) 9 oz. Brown Malt (5%) 11 oz. Victory Malt (6%) .5 lb...
  2. artichoke

    California Common Competition Results

    In this post I share the results from entering my first blog subject into the 2019 Canadian Brewer of the Year competition circuit, and discuss how I would improve the beer next time I brew it.
  3. D

    California Common (Uncommon FG?)

    I just bottled my first California Common ale and the FG was 1.020 after 4 weeks in the primary at 60 degrees. Is this usual for this yeast type/beer type or do I have broken bottles cleanup in my future? I primed with 3/4 cup of cane sugar and I took the FG reading after priming. What can I...