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  1. frankvw

    Qbrew batch sizes

    Simple and quick question (that Google has so far failed to answer): Is the batch size in Qbrew a pre-boil or post-boil batch size? // FvW
  2. WildernessBrewing

    Estimated Mash pH discrepancies (Bru'n Water/EZ Water/BrewCipher)

    Hey all, just wanted to get a few opinions/some feedback. I plugged the same grain bill, water additions, mash and sparge volumes (BrewCipher is slightly different), and starting water profile (100% RO/Distilled) into Bru'n Water/EZ Water/BrewCipher. The estimated Ca/Mg/Na/SO4/Cl concentrations...
  3. C

    Water Adjustments - Using Distilled Water and Salts

    In EZWaterCalculator the 'Mash + Sparge Water Profile' seems to be unaffected by the sparge water if I set the sparge water to 100% distilled or RO water. For example, 3.125 gal strike water 100% distilled with 5g calcium gives a calcium ppm of 115. If I then enter 3.375 gal sparge 100%...