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  1. Aref

    Help with too much calcium chloride in a Samsh beer!

    Hi, I made my first smash beer last week with: 5 kg of vienna malt 20 gr of Perle hops 25L RO filtered water, TDS 10ppm, PH7 k97 yeast After adding the grains the ph dropped to 4.8 I added calcium chloride to bring it up, but nothing changed. Then added more and more (AROUND 15 gr) and didn't...
  2. toniogarces1988

    Calcium and water

    Hello friends, I'm reading my municipal water report and finding it a bit confusing. When looking for the calcium content, two values for Calcium appear, one under "Total Metals in Water by ICPOES"and "Dissolved Metals by ICPOES". Which one is the one that I'm looking for? I'm plugging my...