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  1. LitBrewing

    Larger c02 tank

    I have a converted refrigerator with 5 taps, usually have at least 4 going at a time. Right now I only have a 5lb tank hooked up via line to the outside of the fridge. Trying to cost-justify getting a 20lb tank, is it a lot less expensive to refill 1 20lb vs 4x5lb tanks?
  2. V

    CO2 Capture

    Need y'all to reaffirm or poke holes in this for me..... I ferment in corny kegs and have been thinking about ways to save on some CO2. I'm not looking to replace my tanks or anything but since so much CO2 is produced during fermentation I was thinking why not capture and use it for stuff like...
  3. Beeru

    C02 distributer - one of the six lines not working?

    Hello, I have a strange problem with my C02 lines. I recently updated from a 4 to a 6 keg keezer, and got a new 6 way manifold. For the first couple months everything has been fine, and all the C02 lines have been working. But recently one of the lines (the second in the chain) stopped pushing...
  4. jd410

    New Keezer/ c02 hissing st keg connection

    Hey Everyone, I just built my keezer. I put my first batch in a keg today and set everything up. I followed a video on YouTube about purging the keg and i now have the c02 level at 12 psi and I'm doing the set it and forget it carbonation. I hear a hissing of c02. Is that normal since its slowly...
  5. P

    I found a c02 bottle in a abandoned building

    I work for a A/C company and we got a job at an office building. Its been unoccupied for about a year. Our crew was just logging all the a/c units and changing the filters. It was a big resturant's office building. They had a test kichen im guessing but every thing was torn out of it the whole...