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  1. brewmeisterhans

    Virginia Giving away my Library of Beer and Brewing Magazines with Binders

    Free to a good home older beer and brewing magazines in decent health. They have been well cared for over many years, being kept in binders. The binders are included. Located in Northern Virginia. Looking for someone local willing to adopt. If no takers locally, I will be in NE Maryland for the...
  2. P

    Homebrew Magazines: Brew Your Own (BYO) + More

    Brew Your Own (BYO) and Other Brewing Magazines Price: $35 Includes all of the following. If I find any of the noted missing editions, I'll include them, as well. I'm located in Plano, TX and would prefer local pick up. If you're willing to cover shipping costs, I'll get a quote to do so. BYO...