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  1. bellatorius

    Butterscotch Braggot Bochet (Butterbeer)

    The BBB! I've just put this fermenting and it's bubbling away like a mad thing. Calling it a Bragott is a little bit of a push as it's more of a mead with malt added for body. Anyway here it is: 5 gallon batch. Ingredients: 7.15kg honey 500g light golden DME 1.5kg Oat LME 40g chinook hops...
  2. R

    Butterrum Lifesavers for Primary???

    Im most likely going to try a half gallon experimental batch with butter rum flavored Lifesavers melted down, honey, water, and yeast. Has anyone ever attempted using hard candies? I'm afraid it'll be rocket fuel when it's done but I really want to make a Butterbeer (like from Harry Potter). Any...