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  1. Z

    MN - Amoretti Puree Order

    I am looking to order some of the Craft Purees from Amoretti. Would anyone near Minneapolis area want to go in on an order to save on shipping? Shipping is a base of around $15ish for a single bottle but it barely goes up as you add more bottles. Purees are $27.99 for 750ml, but you can get...
  2. beervoid

    Looking for Keg rubbers bulk wholesale addresses

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows a good place where I could buy good quality keg rubbers. I'm tired paying overprices prices from homebrew shops and want to buy a bulk from China as i'm living in SEA. If anyone has any experiences with suppliers please let me know. Thanks!
  3. J

    Bulk grain buy in Philadelphia area? (existing or interest in starting?)

    Is there an active group bulk grain buy in the Philly area? If not, is anyone interested in helping to start one? I probably haven't thought this all the way through (don't have the location to host the delivery/pickup being the first issue). Anyone who has helped organize a group buy have...