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  1. T

    Looking to turn a glass carboy into a "conical" fermentor. I need some feedback.

    I have a build mapped out in my head, but I'm fairly new to brewing. What I'm wondering is; If i make a contraption that the glass carboy sits in upside down, and I make a stand pipe that reaches to bottom of the 6 gal carboy and exits through my PVC valve (basically a long skinny "U"), when I...
  2. ivangrajales

    Building Kegerator for my New Restaurant Bar

    Hi Everyone! First of all thanks for taking your time to reply to my question. Here it goes: I’m opening in a couple of months a bar/restaurant and I will like to have a kegerator. But I will like to built it my self. Therefore, I want to know what’s the recommended size for a business and...
  3. burntgraphite

    Anyone experiencing charring on their wooden brew stand?

    Specifically, my question is; does anyone who places their burners on stands on top of a wooden brew stand experience any charring with the wooden top? Also, can you please let me know what kind of burner you're using? I'm trying to establish the rough temperature range that I can expect to see...
  4. jrhayes147

    Building a garage brewery

    Hi, I am going to be building a Home brewery in a few months and wanted to get ideas or advise from you all. I have a single car garage that the Wifey is letting me do whatever I want with. I will have a plumbed in the space with but unfortunately the builder was not able to put in a...