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  1. V

    Help? Maybe?

    I started a one gallon batch of mead last night. It is my first time, woke up this morning to look at it pictures to show, is something wrong with it? Do I need to fix it? How do I fix it? What went wrong if anything?
  2. badcatsclaws

    Strange Bubble Issue

    Hello there, First time wine brewer here. I have a weird situation and couldn't find any explanation on the net. The problem is when I place the airlock, it starts bubbling approximately in 1 hour. It keeps bubbling for 3-5 hours. Then it stops, water in the airlock stays at the same levels on...
  3. triskelion

    Bubbling for over a month

    Just did a small batch pilsner smash and noticed it bubbling in the demijohns for a very long time. Did a gravity reading and it had definitely finished up but it was still bubbling like crazy, this is over a month in primary. I bottled and primed with dextrose today. I got a mentos and coke...
  4. Iowa Brewer

    Another One of Those No Fermentation-Activity Posts

    Hi all, Sorry to kick a dead horse. I've seen a lot of "no bubbling" posts, but none that hit the mark for my situation, at least not exactly. Here's the scoop. 1. I'm 48hrs past pitching 2 packets of White Labs Belgian Wit Ale Yeast (within date), which I let warm up to 70F and agitated (no...
  5. M

    Beginner Needs Advice (Mead Stopped Bubbling)

    I recently started trying to brew mead (June 2nd), I used 3 flasks of water (0,75l), into which I gave 165g/~0.35 pounds of honey each, as well as 6-8 raspberries, and added some common bakers yeast (just to give it a try before I move on to better yeasts). It started bubbling an hour after I...
  6. Bobcat

    Question about primary fermentation.

    Hey folks! First I just wanted to say thanks to all the people out there that put time into helping others with their home brewing questions! I've gained a lot of knowledge just from reading the forum posts, but now I have a question that I can't quite find the answer to. (I'm pretty new to all...
  7. F

    Cloudy secondary.

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting to The Forum. I have some questions about a cider I was making. My first attempt at cider actually. I got a cider brewing kit from Midwestern Brewing Company. I then received a 6.5 gallon carboy from a friend. I picked up some freshly pressed cider...
  8. mr_stout

    Mead bottles under pressure!

    After 3.5 months I bottled mead because it was at 1.000 F.G. I opened one flip top bottle and it foamed up like crazy. Why? after 3 1/2 months would it still be fermenting?
  9. dblott1

    first batch in a 15gallon conical w/ no bubbles

    i just bought a 15 gal minibrew conical of craigslist. i wanted to try something simple, so i made a 10 gal recipe of english bitter. i has set there for 2 1/2 day without a single bubble coming out the blowtube. my original gravity was 1.050 @ around 100f and today it was 1.020 at 65f. there...