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  1. luis.salas

    Charmat method in PET bottle?

    This may sound crazy, but it's the result of being absolutly obsessed with the idea of brewing something similar to a Brut Bier. I can't do it on the Champenoise method, specially because I don't have nor the champagne bottles nor the corks nor the corker. So, I was thinking... If Charmat method...
  2. devils4ever

    Looking to brew my first Brut IPA

    Hi all, I'm looking to try my hand at doing a Brut IPA and I'm looking for some guidelines. BeerSmith 3 doesn't include this style as an option. So, I'm using Specialty IPA as the style. Here's what I have as a recipe so far: Brut IPA (5.5 gallon batch) --------------------------- Est SG...
  3. Squeegee

    Dry Hopping, Biotransformation, Brut

    3 gallon batcher here. I am planning on brewing a Brut IPA in the next week or so. I bought 4 oz's worth of Amarillo 9.20%, 1 oz will be at 15, 1 oz at whirpool, and 1 oz dry hopped for 4 days. Now, there is this thing called biotransformation that keeps coming up. If I add my hops in during the...
  4. TechFanMD

    BRUT IPA: What is your favorite aroma hop?

    I brewed the below recipe for Brut IPA. I really love this beer, and how it showcases an extraordinarily bright hop aroma. I used Mosaic, which some don't care for....and which I can see myself tiring of quickly. I can also see where people get a 'cat pee' essence from it. Because this is...