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  1. G

    Water profile for a Kolsch All grain

    Hello all, Im new to water adjustment and I recently had a RO system installed and sent a sample to Ward labs for analysis. I've been playing around with Bru'n water and this is what I've come up with. How does the PH and water adjustments looks for a Kolsch beer. From what I've read, the PH...
  2. S

    Brunwater 5.5 pH and Blue arrow Questions

    I just downloader the supporter's version of Bru'n'water 5.5. I'm using it on an older Mac running Excel. I enabled Macros. Set Calculation to automatic. I set no limit to the number of iterations. I worked in the suggested order. 1) Local water data (extremely soft water) 2) Sparge water...
  3. D

    Calculate salt additions to kettle instead of mash (in Bru'n Water)

    Hi, Usually I add salt and acid to mash and sparge water, however I am thinking that a great deal of salt remains trapped in the grains and doesn't contribute much to the final beer characteristic (maybe I am wrong?). My salt additions are aimed at getting enough chloride in the beer to get a...
  4. C

    combining lactic phosphoric acid mix

    i am just getting into water chemistry - as i have always tended to brew darker beers and it was only when i had less success with lighter brews that I realised I needed to do more. I have very high bicarbonate levels ~347ppm and total alkalinity of 285. Using the brun'water calculator, adding...
  5. frankvw

    Trying to understand Bru'n Water - More minerals = lower pH??

    I'm wanting to brew a Belgian dubbel using the water profile for Antwerp embedded in Bru'n water. I have entered the details for my local water from the lab's water report: Calcium as Ca+ 23.25 Magnesium as Mg+ 8.75 Sodium as Na+ 17.70 Sulphate as SO42- 18.25 Chloride as Cl- 26.2 Total...
  6. G

    Unbalanced water profile with Brun water excel tool

    Hi ! I've just filled the water report input with the values given from my town. I've checked several times and I'm sure that these are correct. However Brun water tool is saying that it's unbalanced. Any clues ? Also how would you treat a water with such a high amount of sodium and chloride...
  7. S

    Kolsch water profile advice needed

    I'm working on making a Kolsch and would like to get some advice on a proper water profile. This is my tap water profile: Ca: 20 Mg: 13 Na: 21 SO4: 9 Cl: 64 HCO3: 60 Ph: 8.2 I'm using Bru'n Water software to make my adjustments. I see there is a Cologne profile but I also see Martin...
  8. beervoid

    BruNWater vs Mash Made Easy, different PH outcome

    Hello everyone I've been trying to wrap my head around BruNwater as I noticed that my PH calculations are off as compared to the Mash Made Easy spreadsheet. Also checked with brewersfriend. Anyone here that could shed some light on this topic as to why BruNwater which I always believed to be...
  9. J

    Mineral loss from mash to kettle? Mash and kettle additions?

    Hey all, I have some questions and concerns about my water chemistry and/or water treatment process, and I haven't been able to find any solid answers via search. Anyway... I currently treat my relatively soft, relatively alkaline water with salts and lactic acid in the mash. I treat my sparge...