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  1. Merkur

    Difficulty matching British water profile

    Hi – I am trying to brew a clone of a beer I used to drink a lot of in England and have tried the recipe several times, but it has missed the mark. I decided to delve more into the water profile and managed to get a profile from the brewery and I have entered the characteristics into Bru’n...
  2. E

    First Time Using 100% RO water on Bru'n Water

    Hi all - I'm brewing up a 5 gallon light bodied IPA using 100% RO water in both the mash (3.9 gallons) and the sparge (5.1 gallons). I selected the Pale Ale water profile off of Bru'n Water because it says its good for hoppy beers. The exact profile is: Cal: 140 Mg: 18 Na: 25 SO4: 300 Cl: 55...
  3. EnglishAndy

    Bru'n Water and darker crystal malts

    When I add Crisp Medium Crystal (240 EBC) to a recipe in Bru'n Water it flags the line item as red if the Grain Type dropdown is "Crystal Malt". If I change it to "Roast Malt" then red goes away but the pH prediction drops significantly from 5.30 to 5.18. Am I supposed to ignore the red warning...
  4. S

    Anyone in McKinney, TX have a water report? (bru'n water issues)

    I'm trying to nail down my bru'n water spreadsheet and was curious if anyone here brews in McKinney, TX and had a water report handy. I have seen the one listed online, but when I put those numbers into the spreadsheet it's telling me the numbers are faulty - I assume because the water report...
  5. M

    First Time Treating Water and Using Bru'n Water (Bohemian Pilsener)

    My father-in-law bought the European Pilsener kit from Midwest Supplies. We plan on using 100% distilled water to create a simple water profile: Ca=30, Mg=0, Na=0, Cl=53, SO4=0 The recipe contains the following: 9 lbs. Domestic Pilsner Malt 8 oz. Carapils 8 oz. Crystal 10L Malt If I keyed...
  6. N

    Bru'n water question

    I have got a problem with my water assay. My water source comes from a mixture of two rivers where the mineral content varies over the seasons. River 1 the alkalinity varies from 41 to 118 while river 2 varies from 25 to 39. The other minerals (Ca, Na, Mg, Cl and SO4) are also all over the...
  7. B

    Pickling lime addition to mash

    I'm brewing an imperial American porter tonight. I use Bru'n Water to adjust my water (tap, not RO) and am planning to add a small amount of pickling lime to raise the mash pH. I understand that pickling lime should be added to the mash after dough-in as needed for pH adjustments. My question...