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  1. oakbarn

    Maximum Different Hops During Boil Poll

    I am in the process of trying to auto order Hops in the BruControl software, This is a fun challenge for me and of course I could do it manually, but where is the fun in that? From BeerSmith, you can bring over 8 hops. This may not be a limit but the Node Red code (@RiverCityBrewer ) we have...
  2. D

    Brucontrol Order Process

    Hi, I'm new here. I was just curious about anyone else's order processing and shipping time frame who has ordered some of Brucontrol's hardware? I can't get a response from their contact me email.
  3. purdman10

    BruControl with Data Exchange on the Pi 4 (4Gb model)

    Though there are nay-sayers about using a Pi 4 to run BruControl, I spent time because I own 7 Pi’s. I started with the original model, to build a wireless fermentation/keggerator monitor with temp sensors (Teensynet with 3.2 Teensy circa 2013). I own 2 - 4 G Pi 4’s, and wanted to put one to use...
  4. sensei247

    Review my wiring diagram? (BruControl fermentation automation)

    Hi All- I have finally decided to pull the trigger on automating my brewhouse. Starting with the cold side as I am a few months out from ordering my LODO Stout kettles. Cold side seems like an easier place to shake off the rust from my (light) comp sci/electrical eng university studies...
  5. ooob44

    New BruControl Automated Home Brewery

    Background Several years ago I built a Kal-clone HERMS system following his design pretty closely. It has worked fairly well but I think I'm ready for the next step to streamline brewday even more. One of my frustrations is having to re-arrange tubes several times through the course of the...
  6. muhteeus

    muh's BruControl Build

    So, I started a PLC build way back when ('11-'12). The project fizzled out due to money, kids, life, etc... In the mean time, I worked several automated builds surrounding Raspberry Pi, Python, and QT5. reef-pi and a homebrew saltwater mixing station for Aquarium use (or RODI brew water). I...
  7. L

    120v E-BIAB with BruControl

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I didn't have any luck with a search of the forums. Unfortunately in the near future my brew buds and I will all be separated due to work relocation. Right now we have a 10 gal traditional 3 vessel system using propane. Given that shortly down the...
  8. shayes2791

    Electric/Automated Brewery Dilemma

    Hi All, I have been scouring this forum as well as others trying to figure out what I want for a brewery. Many here have been through many iterations of their breweries. I want to avoid that for the most part as I tend to do that with every hobby (and started to do with this) and my wife gets...