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  1. M

    Hazelnut extract options?

    Fall is coming!!! I'm looking to make a Hazelnut Brown Ale, but almost every Hazelnut extract I come across has terrible reviews. Can anyone recommend a brand/amount to use? I've used vanilla extract many times, but I don't know if the two are comparable in the amount used. As always, thank you!
  2. lorne17

    Best way to add 4oz ground Hazelnut coffee to Brown Ale without contamination?

    Hello all, I have 5 gallons of a Brown that is in the primary and ready to switch to secondary. However, I plan to add some hazelnut coffee to it. The catch is, it is already ground and it is only 4oz of ground coffee. How do you recommend I add this to secondary without risking...
  3. Anthonie

    Brown ale recipe in progress

    anyone have some advice or critiques of this brown ale recipe? For some reason I can’t seem to get it quite right so I revamped the entire recipe nd want to know if you all think it’ll be drinkable to the generic brown ale lover. 3 gallons Mash @ 153 for 60min 60 minute boil Fermented three...
  4. rhys333

    American Porter Chinooklehead Porter

    CHINOOKLEHEAD PORTER 55% 2 Row - 5.5 lbs 20% Wheat - 2 lb 10% C80 - 1 lb 10% Brown - 1 lb 5% Chocolate - 0.5 lb 0.25 oz Chinook @ 60 (12aa) 0.5 oz Chinook @ 15 US-05 First brewed during the deepest depths of a cold northern winter. And I mean COLD. The temperature outdoors was a bone-chilling...