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  1. parks1031

    Brown Ale Recipe Scaled Down

    I am new to brewing, only brewed three batches of mead and want to branch out and try beer. I found a recipe for a brown ale that I am really interested in trying out. The recipe is: 5.5 G batch, mash @ 152* for 60 min Grains 6.5# 2 row 3# rye malt 2# biscuit .75# chocolate malt 350L .5# C60...
  2. G

    Hazelnut Extract in Brown Ale

    Hi guys, new and sorry for my bad english, my native language is french. So just a quick question for you guys im making a 5.5 gallon batch of a nutty brown ale from the homebrewassociation app, they ask to add 6 drops per bottle of 355ml of hazelnut extract, and i only have like 1oz you...
  3. J

    Is this beer off?

    Hello, i recently started fermenting a brown ale and after the 8th day i took a sample using the tap on my fermenting bucket to see the specific gravity. Along with the beer a small amount of what looked like gelatinous fluff also poured into the cup, its hard to explain what this looked like...
  4. Andy Vanderpool

    What type of beer did I make?

    Hey guys, so my friends convinced me to brew last minute, and while I was relatively intoxicated, I made a beer yesterday using the ingredients I had available. I used some homegrown (HG) hops, so the bitterness is not totally known, but I usually use 1 or 2x the homegrown hops as I would store...
  5. M

    Brown Ale grain bill

    I Would be grateful if someone with more experience with brown ales could take a look at my grain bill which will end up being a pumpkin brown. I'm basing the recipe off some sweeter London or Southern English Brown recipes, but scaled it up a tad to bring the est ABV from 3.6 to about 5. I'm...
  6. Anthonie

    Brown ale recipe in progress

    anyone have some advice or critiques of this brown ale recipe? For some reason I can’t seem to get it quite right so I revamped the entire recipe nd want to know if you all think it’ll be drinkable to the generic brown ale lover. 3 gallons Mash @ 153 for 60min 60 minute boil Fermented three...
  7. kevin58

    ISO: Old Stitch Brown Ale

    I've found one, 3 year old recipe posted here for critique by a new brewer but no follow up was ever posted. I'm hoping to find a proven recipe for this colonial ale. It was first resurrected at Colonial Williamsburg and they eventually partnered with Aleworks Brewing Company to produce it in...
  8. Drebin138

    Brown Ale Questions

    I’m going to be purchasing the nut brown ale extract kit from Northern Brewer pretty soon. The suggested yeast the kit comes with is US-04 but I’ve slready used that yeast and would like to try something different. Does anyone have any good suggestions as to a different strain I could use? I...
  9. B

    extremely bitter brown ale

    I may have brewed my first bad batch here... I am hoping that it can still be saved and am looking for suggestions. Basically the beer tastes extremely bitter and did so coming straight out of the kettle. I kegged it three days ago after I had it fermented at 70F for about 15 days and it's still...
  10. W

    Brown Ale recipe advice

    I've recently picked up some Goldswaen Brown Malt on the cheap and I'd like to use it. I've brewed some Brown Ale's in the past, but never with this malt. I tossed this recipe together and was going to give it a whirl next weekend, but thought I'd see if anyone else has advice prior to...
  11. C

    beginner wanting to make some english brown ale

    Hello all, This is my first post in the beer section of the wonderful website, I have spend some time around in the wine makers section. Anyhow, my brother and I are thinking about trying to brew some beer and he wants to start with some kind of english brown ale. For equipment we have...
  12. Volcom-Brewer

    An appropriate yeast?

    Hello all, I'm going to start an Oktoberfest VERY soon, but I've never done a Lager before. The way the local brewshop clerk told me to use I don't think this yeast is what I want to use. He then told me to let it ferment at room...