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  1. beervoid

    Broken refractometer?

    Hey everyone, I noticed that my refractometer became harder to read and just today it was almost impossible to read. The blue background is not making a clear line anymore. Can refractometer breakdown with time? Did I not properly take care of it? Should I buy a more expensive unit? Wondering...
  2. Jtk78

    My worst brew day yet, what's yours?

    After 25 batches, this past weekend I had my worst brew day so far. I wasn't really in the right frame of mind to begin with. I needed to get my propane refilled, but got a work phone call in the process of leaving and forgot to put my tanks in trunk. Didn't realize it until I was at the place...
  3. kansasbrew

    Is my capper already broken

    I purchased a capper at my LHBS and got it home. It worked great for the first 20 bottles or so, and then suddenly started slipping and bending caps. I was able to finish, but had to concentrate intently to make every thing was lined up perfect and the pressure was evenly distributed on both...