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  1. S

    Refractometer readings for glucose and fructose solutions

    Assume I have two 100 ml solutions. One has 20 grams of fructose, and the other has 20 grams of glucose. When I use a refractometer to measure the Brix degrees, do I need to convert the output to different values using some conversion table, or is this output correct? I ask this because the...
  2. luis.salas

    Brix and SG refractometer

    Hi, guys. I recently bought a refractometer in order to gain some control over my brewing that, until now, it has been quite wild and free. I was reading about the correction you should make when using a refractometer to obtain the precise Brix degree measure, and then convert it to SG. My...
  3. K

    Hydrometer Reading Confusion

    We have created a brew of cider. Our initial hydrometer readings goes as follows: 1.056 Gravity 7.5% ABV 13.8 Brix Our problem is we are getting two different readings off the the same internet calculator for ABV. Brix Calculator at 7.5% ABV...
  4. Andre Lau

    what is good advice in sugar per gallon content?

    I have a kegging system and have decided to make an easy root beer recipe for a company event. It is the Gnome extract I am using and want to use light brown sugar and honey as the sugar base. First, is that a good choice....approximately half honey, half sugar??? Second, sine I am not naturally...
  5. R

    Calculating %ABV Without the Initial Specific Gravity

    One likes to know the final alcohol content after making a batch of wine. Typically, one can calculate this from the initial and final specific gravity. The initial specific gravity can be measured directly or from the Brix number from index of refraction measurement. %...