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  1. R

    Help with calculations for counterflow chiller

    Hello everyone! Hope everything is going well. So i have been trying to design a counterflow chiller that can cool 15 gallons of boiling wort to yeast pitching temperatures (around 16 degrees celsius or 60.8F) in as little time as possible. What i am trying to figure out is how long the chiller...
  2. Wyrmwood

    Brewtarget 2.3.0 First Wort Hops

    The github thread on this issue with First Wort Hops is closed, There seems to be some confusion about when or if this issue is fixed. According to the thread, it's fixed in 2.3.1, but on the download page...
  3. frankvw

    Which homebrewing package is more accurate?

    After having used Qbrew for many years, I'm now looking at Brewtarget and Beersmith as well. I'm in the process of working out The Ultimate Belgian Dubbel Recipe (yeah right) and decided to give all three of them a spin. The results were wildly different. So I decided to make a simple test...