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  1. jordanpace

    For Sale Complete 1BBL Brewery - Texas DFW Area

    I am selling my 1BBL complete setup, that was formerly used in a brewpub. Includes absolutely everything to run a brewery, plus extras (1000lbs of grain, cleaning chemicals, 30 pounds of hops, a few bricks of dry yeast, etc). The system is still operational, so the potential buyer can see...
  2. M

    Do We Really Care Who Makes Our Beer?

    Today, choices abound for beer enthusiasts and plain old beer drinkers alike. Choice is generally a good thing, though it is getting tougher to keep up with all the new options. The craft beer segment is still ablaze and forging new territory. Brewers achieve rock star status among the craft...
  3. MartinG

    Looking for a Partner

    Hello, I'm looking for a parter to start a microbrewery all grain or a brewpub in Mendoza, Argentina. Please contact me [email protected] Martin
  4. Pièce_de_Résistance

    University of Washington: Research on Hop Exports to Chinese Home/Micro Brewers

    Home and Micro Brewers of China: I am an avid home brewer and member of a graduate student team doing a research project on hop exports specifically to the Chinese home/micro brew market. We are looking for opportunities to help this segment of brewers across China. Would you be so kind as to...