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  1. rkhanso

    Is there a nice easy utility to install firmware on ESP32 boards like there is for ESP8266? - Brewpiless on Lolin D32

    Probably a stupid question.... I have a homemade PCB I made for Keg Cop and a Lolin D32 with 32 pins - but want to use Brewpiless instead. I'm hoping to set it up with a pressure switch and flow meter, along with 3 temp probes. The D1 mini won't work on that PCB - different pin count, thus the...
  2. I

    Brewpiless controller board

    All, I am looking for a controller board design (or where to purchase) based on the Brewpiless work. I found a site The Hoppy Valley Choosing an Open Source Fermentation Controller that shows a board call "The Brewboard" that I would like to use, there isn't any link to the group that...