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  1. T

    BrewFlasher - Windows/MacOS app for flashing ESP8266/ESP32 Brewing Projects

    BrewFlasher BrewFlasher is a stand-alone desktop application for Windows and MacOS designed to simplify flashing brewing-related firmware to your ESP8266 or ESP32 controller. It handles everything - locating the correct firmware, downloading it, setting the correct flash options/offsets, and...
  2. potseeslc

    Hombrewing DIY - Fermentrack Part 2

    Show: https://homebrewingdiy.beer/index.php/2019/10/10/episode-7-fermentrack-part-2-with-jon-beeler/ On episode 2 of this podcast, I attempted to explain to my friend Aaron Bandler the type of fermentation controller that I used for my set up. Then a couple of days later John Beeler (Thorak on...
  3. potseeslc

    Ep 5 - BrewPI Remix with Lee Bussy

    Hey everyone, I know that Lee Bussy is a regular on this forum and that he has helped a ton of homebrewers navigate getting their systems setup with Fermentrack, iSpindel, and all variations of BrewPI. I talked with him on my podcast about his new project BrewPI Remix and the history of BrewPi...
  4. muhteeus

    muh's Fermentrack\BrewPi Remix Build

    Decided to convert the old fermentation deep freeze from STC-1000 to a IoT web enabled thing. I am using the BrewPi Remix firmware for the arduino and Fermentrack on the front-end for the pi. Most of the parts were leftovers from an old project, but I will still link what I used. Parts: 1 -...
  5. LBussy

    BrewPi: Scrambled Screens?

    Since I'm going to be releasing a new version of the firmware here imminently, I wanted to poll everyone on how often they seem to be getting the screen scrambles. Our own resident EE @day_trippr seems to have ruled out pretty much everything but shag carpeting and sunspots. It's apparently...
  6. vettehead99

    My First Fermentation Chamber (Almost Done...)

    I figured I would put up yet another quick fermentation chamber DIY I did over the past couple of weeks. It's a few quick photos and I'm bypassing a lot of the nitty gritty details, but if you want to see a lot more writing, check out the link on my sig. I basically followed the same style of...
  7. MacDee

    Monitoring spunding pressure through BrewPi/Fermentrack

    I've set up a legacy Arduino Uno BrewPi/Fermentrack system that I hope to eventually hookup to a jacketed conical. I also plan on adding a Tilt. I would like to add a head pressure sensor so that I could more accurately determine when to start spunding regardless of fermentation speed. I've...
  8. Wolfenator

    New York BrewPi, Heater & Fridge (Arduino based) Saratoga Springs, NY

    Built a DIY Glycol chiller and no longer require my BrewPi or supporting fermentation chamber parts. BrewPi will keep your fermentation temperature in a tolerance of a tenth of a degree. You can also set it and forget it. Pre-program your entire fermentation! This is an excellent way to...
  9. ClearedHot

    What's next for SW-controlled Brewing/Fermentation?

    Long-time lurker first-time poster, with a burning question for my fellow brew geeks: Is it time to collectively re-think our approach to software in the Brewery? I can hear the responses already "What a ridiculously vague question!" "What the hell are you on about?" "Can you help me get my...
  10. T

    Fermentrack: Fermentation monitoring & BrewPi-www Replacement for Raspberry Pi

    I am proud to announce the release of Fermentrack - a web interface for fermentation monitoring and control. Fermentrack is a free, open source replacement web interface for BrewPi and enables the control of one or multiple BrewPi fermentation temperature controllers from a single web portal...
  11. T

    New York Pre-Soldered ESP8266 BrewPi PCBs

    ESP8266 BrewPi SMD RJ-11 PCB - $15 (including shipping to continental US) This is the PCB that is used for my ESP8266-based BrewPi project. I’ve already soldered on all the components and tested the board - it’s pretty much good to go. By purchasing this PCB you will eliminate almost all of...
  12. J

    Switch from BrewPi to Craftbeerpi

    I have been a long time user of BrewPi. I actually have 4 (DYI version) of them to control my glycol system and storage room. I use 3 for the fermenters and one for my 68 degree room. I am seriously thinking of switching to CraftbeerPi. It allows beer profiles on glycol systems and currently...
  13. uSlackr

    Getting started in 2018

    I was given a Tilt Hydrometer for Christmas and it got me excited about the BrewPi and logging temp & SG during fermentation. I picked up a RPI and Arduino and started playing around. But I'm finding that much of the build info is two plus years old and the Pi no longer supports Arduino. I've...