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  1. J

    For Sale Kansas City Area Home Brewing Equipment For Sale Prefer to unload the lot locally in or around Kansas City area.
  2. Gregory T

    Brewmaster Max 4 instruction help

    I just received a new Max 4 today from Morebeer. It appears the controller have changed but the instructions have not. anyone have any idea how to work these?
  3. V

    The Brewmasters - Colin Kaminski Of Downtown Joes Brewery

    Colin Kaminski started his professional brewing career in 1998 and since that time has written several magazine articles, including "Bring On The Heat" for BYO Magazine. Colin's articles have earned him the prestigious Beer Writer's Guild Feature of the Year Award and he also co-authored the...
  4. V

    Why Do You Homebrew?

    The obvious answer, of course... With a little holiday gift money in my pocket and a few beginner questions answered, I energetically jumped into the wide world of homebrewing earlier this year. In the dozen or so extract batches I've made since, I've found the transformation amazing in my...