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  1. H Keg Level Manager

    Hi everyone, I've been working on a project that you might be interested in. It's a way of monitoring how much beer you have left in your keg, and also displaying this through the display. For now, it contains buttons that you press when you serve a beer, and this updates your keg...
  2. P

    Sold Corny Kegs (Plano, TX)

    Cornelius (corny) kegs $45 each or $40 each if you buy 4+ UPDATE (SOLD) 5 gallon (SOLD) 2.5 gallon All are ball lock All kegs have been cleaned (PBW soak, scrub, rinse), post and dip tube o-rings replaced with brand new o-rings, lid o-rings cleaned. Pressure tested and no leaks. Let me know...
  3. willbrown1020

    Calories in basic mead?

    Curious of calories in mead that is made with 15 lbs honey for 5 gallons total batch. So how much calories would be in a cup? Or any measurement for that matter?
  4. B

    For Sale 10 Gallon 220V Electric Brewer HERMS - Idaho

    For sale is a 10 Gallon capacity Electric Brewery. It runs of 220V and is ready to brew all grain recipes. There are 2 120v pumps, silicone tubing, optimized control panel, HLT with heat transfer tube, mash tun, and boil keggle. All fittings are stainless steel with bottom drain For sale is a 10...
  5. C

    For Sale I have a few 15-20 lbs. CO2 Tanks For Sale | 20 lbs CO2 Tanks ($75/each), 15 lbs CO2 Tanks ($65/each)

    I have a few 15-20 lbs Co2 tanks from a brewing project I ended last year. Located in Washington, DC. Contact me if interested.
  6. C

    I have a few 15-20 lbs. CO2 Tanks For Sale | 20 lbs CO2 Tanks ($75/each), 15 lbs CO2 Tanks ($65/each)

    I have a few 15-20 lbs Co2 tanks from a brewing project I ended last year. Located in Washington, DC. Contact me if interested.
  7. C

    30 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Kettle (MegaPot | $200 OBO)

    I have a stainless steel 30 gallon brew kettle that I used to brew tea in. Very nice pot. $200 OBO Located in Washington, DC
  8. pat_carnig

    For Sale Complete E-Herms 3 Vessel setup w/control panel (Twin Cities, MN). Everything you need to brew!

    I am selling a complete E-HERMS home brewery setup, all tri-clamp connections. Sink, table and Exhaust Fan/Hood not included. Electric Brewing Supply fully electric 30A PID control panel with 2 5500LWD heating elements and 3 temperature probes. 3 15 gallon kettles with fully custom welded...
  9. RudeBooch

    Tilt Hydrometer reading wrong SG wort

    So im brewing hard kombucha. After calibrating the tilt meter to the app, i get a refractor meter reading and dunk the hydrometer in the tank. After a couple of days, my SG wort went from 1.051 to 1.015. Of course i double checked it and clearly was off. I had recently changed from using water...
  10. GirthySquirt

    Brewing: Low Efficiency Desirable Benefits Possible? Can Tanking Efficiency INCREASE Flavor?

    Main Question: Can I lower my brew-house efficiency purposefully to enable using a massive grain bill and get more flavor in my final product? Can low brew-house efficiency actually improve beer flavor, body, and mouthfeel in some scenarios because low efficiency implies more grain is being...
  11. V

    For Sale 1-3 bbl homebrew system MUST GO Give an offer

    1-3 bbl home brew rig. MUST GO $2k OBO I have a 2 piece brewing rig on wheels. Everything is stainless, stainless, kettles and stainless rig. The rig was built with the intention of being able to brew 3bbl, that’s why everything is so big. The kettles are 45 gallons each. The conical fermenter...
  12. B

    Massive Brewery Facility Auction Western MA

    Unknown if this is the best outlet but there is a massive brewery/ bottling plant going up for auction in Massachusetts. If you think this is a good place for me to post the information reach out and I can give you all the details. and post a link for the Auction Best, Brewish1
  13. FireManDan

    California FOR SALE -Misc Brewing Equipment

    Downsizing a little since moving to the Anvil Foundry System. I used to harvest and cryogenically store yeast so there are a few random items that were utilized in those processes. Small and Lager Test Tubes - $10 6" Thermometer w/1/2 MNPT - $15 12 qt Presto Pressure Cooker - $45 Wide Mouth...
  14. D

    For Sale Blichmann brewing equipment

    Blichmann modular tower on wheels, 125lb capacity shelf, Blichmann high efficiency natural gas or propane burner, chugger pump, heat deflector shield, 10 gallon aluminum pot with temp guage and quick disconnect fitting, and keg carbonator bottle. $800 obo for all. 2537543956. Located in...
  15. B

    For Sale Complete Homebrew Setup for Malt Extract Kits

    Selling all of my home-brewing equipment. This is everything you need to brew dry malt extract kits, in addition to bottling or kegging. This isn't a complete list but a quick rundown of what is included: - Pot for wort - Wort chiller with pre-chiller, hoses to connect - Thermometer -...
  16. Sgl

    What is going wrong?

    I started brewing last year and am about 15 brews in. I’ve made a couple beers I thought were ok but nothing I’d be too proud to serve. My beers haven’t had great flavour or hop aroma. I’m not sure if its my process or if there’s something else that I could do to improve my beers. The closest...
  17. J

    Question about Second Kombucha Batch and Scoby

    Hi I've started to learn how to brew and was happy to find this forum. I bought a starter's kit and followed the instructions for the first batch, which came out tasty. Before i begin the second batch, i wanted to conform that the mix im starting with looks and smells the way it should. The...
  18. Ancient Ginseng

    Brewing a Chinook Centennial Amarillo IPA. Thoughts?

    Hello guys , Im brewing a Chinook Centennial Amarillo IPA 6.3% abv , 44 ibu . Im not trying to get an extremely hoppy ipa with high ibu. I am trying to avoid Citra Galaxy Mosaic etc but to get an equally nice IPA. My plan is to get a balance hoppy flavor and nice mid - bittering at 44 ibu from...
  19. R

    Apple juice in Mead

    Hi, I'm Pedro and I wanted to start making Cyser. I spent hours searching and i could not find how much apple juice or water i have to put per kilogram (1 kilogram = 2 pounds) of honey. Can anyone help me? I'm new to all of this so i don't know very much of brewing. And one more thing, i saw...
  20. Ele

    Expanding BiBs

    Evening everyone, I’ve been having some issues with BiBs; it’s not consistent, which is why I’m so perplexed Basically, a few BiBs have expanded a week or so after filling The bag with the liquid in is NOT expanding, it’s the outer bag that is filling with air, for no discernible reason I can...