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  1. H

    Excel Based Brewing Software - BaB v6.2

    Recently, I posted a link to my Excel based brewing program in the "General" section and I thought I'd add the link to the "Brewing Software" section as well. The link below is to the latest update. Please give it a try and let me know what you think. It has been a labor of love and has made...
  2. H

    Buildabeer Excel Based Brewing Program - give it a try

    2.5 years ago, I embarked on all-grain brewing and began building my own Excel based brewing program. This labor-of-love provided me additional ways to enjoy this hobby by enabling me to delve more deeply into the science behind brewing and making great beer. Over the course of 50+ batches and...
  3. M

    Comparing Homebrewing Software

    The pioneering American homebrewers of the 1970s were on their own in many respects. “If you wanted to learn to brew you had to find someone who knew what they were doing or read a book,” wrote Stanley Kaminski in his article for homebrewsupply.com, The Complete History of Homebrew. The early...
  4. J

    Two New Apps for Brewer's Friend

    If you've been keeping up with the development of Brewer's Friend you know we've made some changes! We've really gone all out in listening to the needs of the brewing world and we're happy to announce the release of two new apps. First is the Brewer's Friend Premium. This allows you unlimited...
  5. K

    Keep It Up - Getting Consistent Results by Calibrating Your Brew House

    It is important for any brewer who wishes to get the most consistent results possible to keep his or her brew house calibrated. Knowing your measurements and calculations are accurate will allow you to better predict the way your final product will turn out. So what are some things you should...
  6. K

    There's Nothin' to it but to Brew It! Developing your own Homebrew Recipes

    As you progress in homebrewing you will likely find yourself wanting to move away from the normal kit beers, and wanting create a beer of your own. Recipe development can be fun and very rewarding there is nothing like tasting an amazing beer made with your own recipe, a beer that would not...
  7. J

    Brewer's Friend A Whole New Experience

    There's a lot of competition out there when it comes to recipes and calculator software, and where you go will make a difference in the beer you make. Through recipes, accurate calculators, and dependable software we can brew the best beer we are capable of, so I'm happy to let you guys all know...
  8. Titan88

    MashLab Brewing Software | Free for HBT

    As the title states, I have programmed my own brewing software (desktop written in Java) and want to release it to everyone here. Currently, it is in the Alpha testing phase and has the current features: 1. Brewing Calculator 2. Tasting Notes 3. BJCP Beer/Cider/Mead Gradesheets 4. BJCP...