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  1. D

    Getting Maple Syrup Flavor & Working with Bacon

    Maple syrup is a fully fermentable sugar, so brewing with maple syrup will contribute to the alcohol content of your beer, but not necessarily the flavor. Whether you add the maple syrup to the mash, boil or bottle, brewing yeast will remove all of that natural taste. Luckily a few little tricks...
  2. F

    Brewing with Coconut

    Like most beers with an ingredient other than hops, malt, water or yeast, coconut beers stir up a lot of emotion in the beer enthusiast’s talking circles. Coconut may have more of a reason for this than most other flavor enhancers and that’s because the oils in coconut can quickly ruin any head...
  3. E

    Using Spices In Your Homebrew

    If there is one thing homebrewing enthusiasts have learned during the decade-long explosion of craft beer we’ve experienced, it’s that the Reinheitsgebot, aka the historic German Beer Purity law, is a respectable piece of the past, but that beer can be so much more than water, malt, hops, and...
  4. Kruger_Brewer

    Brewing with ginger!

    Hey guys, I made an entire video detailing the use of ginger in brewing. It will be a whole series dealing with different ingredients - I'd love some feedback on the video and subject matter. Let me know what you think!