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  1. garraston

    For Sale 6 gallon carboys for trade

    I have a total of four 6-gallon glass carboys (Italian glass) that I'm looking to partially swap for 5 gallons and/or wide mouth containers like a big mouth bubbler. I'm open to selling or if someone happens to have some 5 gallons and they're looking to upsize, I'm open to a trade. I'd like to...
  2. R

    For Sale (Indianapolis, IN) FOR SALE....custom built brew stand and ALL of the equipment

    Unfortunately, the time has come to sell all my homebrew stand and all the brewing stuff:(....... so I'm retiring. I want to sell all together but willing to consider selling individual for the right price. Asking $800 OBO for it all. This home brewing stand can operate in a semiautomatic or...
  3. C

    For Sale 30 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Kettle (MegaPot | $200 OBO)

    I have a stainless steel 30 gallon brew kettle that I used to brew tea in. Very nice pot. $200 OBO Located in Washington, DC
  4. levi.froehlich

    Brewing tools

    What is the name and use of that brewing tool that is a wooden cup on a long wooden handle? Also what is the name and use of the tool that looks like a long wood spatula? I keep seeing these tools depicted in old drawings and sketches of people brewing beer. Mostly interested in the cup one...
  5. A

    Pennsylvania For Sale - Basic All Grain Set Up with Kegs and Bottles

    I am unfortunately leaving the hobby due to health reasons. I am located in South Central PA. For Sale is a basic all grain set up from Norther Brewer Igloo style 10 Gal Tall Boy pot and burner SS Immersion Chiller SS Counter flow Chiller 4 Tap Keezer, not pictured (willing to part out just the...
  6. C

    For Sale Used Home-Brew Beverage Production and Packaging Equipment

    Hey All, I have some used home-brew beverage production and packaging equipment for sale if anyone is interested. Items: - Oktober Design Can Seamer ($1000) - 30 Gallon Stainless Steel Mega Pot ($200) - Corny Kegs ($20/each) - LX 500 Color Label Printer ($850) - Coleman Coolers ($60/each) -...
  7. K

    For Sale 3-Tier Gravity System

    3-Tier Gravity Brew System. HLT w/ copper pick up tube and 1/2” brass ball valve, Taylor industrial grade thermometer and custom site glass. Mash Tun w/ false bottom and same pick up tube and valve and also has Taylor industrial grade thermometer. Boil Kettle w/ lid and copper pickup tube...
  8. S

    20 Gallon Direct Fire Brew Kettle

    Selling a 20 gallon direct fire brew kettle with tangential inlet, sight glass and 2 ball valves. There is a small creased dent in the back and the bottom drain port has a rough finish. Located in the Portland, OR area. Can be picked up or shipped. Asking for $399. Feel free to reach out if you...
  9. B

    SS Brewbucket Review

    If you have done any shopping online for brewing supplies than you have probably seen advertisements for the SS Brewbucket from SS Brewing Technologies. That was where my exposure to them began. At nearly $200 for the base model and $225 for the Brewmaster version, you might be wondering if they...
  10. A

    The HomeBrewTalk 2015 Big Giveaway Enter Now!

    Once a year many of our Sponsors come together and donate prizes in order to give back to our community and show their appreciation for your patronage, and this year is no different. We have some new and longtime sponsors donating, making this one of the biggest giveaways in HomeBrewTalk...
  11. J

    Building an all grain system.... Help!

    Trying my hand at all grain brewing. Just trying to find out what will be the best fit for me. So far I’ve built up the following equipment: 15 gallon Blichmann boilermaker (with whirlpool hook up, false bottom, and autosparge) 8 gallon brew kettle with ball valve 2x 10 gallon Rubbermaid...
  12. A


    I was super-inspired by the "Automated HERMS system" thread from Blackheart and learned quite a bit about efficient brewery equipment process and design. I wanted to build a copy of the HERMS system but keep it on a tight budget (need to prove my new-found hobby is not a whiff). I tend to...
  13. stouttanksandkettles

    ****HOT-AND-IN-STOCK Products for the Holidays!!*** Brew Like a Pro with Stout Tanks equipment

    The quality of your brewing equipment matters, and is directly related to the quality of beer you create. Your craft beer deserves the best environment you can give it. Gain more control over your brewing process, get more consistent flavors, and bring the authentic "pro" brewing experience...
  14. stouttanksandkettles


    Many brewers are buying 1 bbl pilot systems right now. But not all pilot systems are created equal. We packed our 1 bbl Pilot Pro with as many professional grade features as we could fit, and built the system with the same high standards for quality we use in all of our larger brewing systems...
  15. izzycm

    10 gal HERM brewing system - $1000

    10 gallon HERMS system. This is an automated single tier Brew setup. It automatically maintains the temperature of the HLT, Mash Tun, and Boil Kettle. The Quick Disconnect fittings are 304-stainless steel. This listing includes the following : 1 - Brewstand/Shelving Unit 1 - Mash Tun with...
  16. C

    wedding gift for cider brewers

    Hello all, TRIGGER WARNING: I don't know anyhing about home brewing! So some of these questions may be stupid, pls be gentle. It's for love. ;) Two friends of mine are getting married, and since they are cider brewers, I'd like to get them a barrel of some sort for brewing, or possibly for...
  17. W

    California Water filter and RO with tank and pump

    This is a 50 gal water drum with an attached reverse osmosis and two stage cartage filter system that will fill the tank with brew ready water until it is full and then shut itself off. There is also a 1 HP motor and pump and transfer hoses. The whole thing sits on a barrel dolly. Located in...
  18. Brewers Hardware

    *Black Friday ~ Cyber Monday* Special at Brewers Hardware!

    Black Friday ~ Cyber Monday Hey Guys! We hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family, friends, and loved ones! :bott: Starting right now through the 26th, ALL orders over $100 will receive a FREE Brewers Hardware Gift Card! Orders over $100 will receive a $10 gift card! Orders over...