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  1. chillandbrew

    Brewie Recipes & Tips & Tricks

    Hello everyone, I didn't see a thread about recipes on the Brewie B20 or the Brewie+ so i have created one. If there is already one let me know and i'll delete this. If not then, let's see what everyone's got! I'm mostly into Amber Ales and IPAs. I will brew this weekend the Mango Habanero...
  2. chillandbrew

    Comparing different automated systems

    Hi guys, My friend asked me to join Homebrewtalk and share my experience with the different automated systems. I am making this thread to do exactly that. I haven't seen any thread where they actually compare different systems, just threads on each system. I have used most automated systems...
  3. chillandbrew

    Hello from an old brewer!

    I am homebrewing for 10 years. After all the kids flew out i had more time to this great hobby. My friend asked me to join here as there are a lot of questions about these automated systems that appeared in the recent years and i have used most of them. I have first built my own system - didn't...
  4. V

    Brewie B20 Automated Breing system

    Up for sale is my 1st generation Brewie B20. Have only made 5 batches and all have come out perfect. Paid $2200 originally and am willing to sell for $1200 (personal emergency - my loss is your gain). Located in the Philadelphia area so local pickup would be preferred due to the size of the...
  5. M

    Brewie+ vs Picobrew Z

    I want to get into brewing my own beer. I have looked into it before, but a overwhelmed with the process. I wanted to get something that automated most, if not all, of the process. The two machines that have really caught my eye are the new Picobrew Z and the new Brewie+. Both are newer...