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  1. S

    For Sale Brewha Medium Wedge Wire Mash Colander (St Louis Mo)

    Medium Brewha wedge wire mash colander for Medium Brewha brewing vessel. Also have used it with a 15g Spike brew kettle. Works great and includes all original parts shown, I just don’t brew as much and when I do I make smaller 3 gallon batches. Live in the St Louis region. $1049 before...
  2. B

    Jacketed Conical

    I’m looking for a jacketed conical. I’d consider 7-8 or 15 gallon. From what I can find Brewers Hardware, Stout, Glacier Tanks and maybe Brewha are the only ones making jacketed conicals for home brewers. I’ve looked at buying new from Brewers Hardware but was hoping somebody may be looking to...
  3. pabrimmer

    Thoughts on DIY 4-in-1 system?

    Hi, all, I've been looking at the Brewha and Unibrau systems which, if you aren't familiar, are basically BIAB systems where you mash, sparge, boil, and then ferment all in the same vessel. These systems start at around $3000, and I'm not interested in the jacketed fermenter - I'm a little...
  4. Jomini

    New e-BIAC Unitank (Brau Supply)

    Industry News: I was informed by Steven at Brau Supply (Vancouver) that their new product offering; their all-in-one [mash/boil/ferment (15psi)/brite/serve] is now on offer. The brewing gadget has a jacketed design for cooling. Brau Supply link...