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  1. K

    Brewzilla Gen4 35L 110V Equipment profile for Brewfather

    Howdy y'all, Just now getting back into brewing after buying a house and doing a bunch of repairs and generally not having the time or space to brew. I got a Brewzilla Gen4 to treat myself, but before going into it whole hog, I'd like to check and see what others had to change in the default...
  2. S

    Spike Trio and Brewfather

    I was not sure which section would be better for this question, electric brewing or software, but figured I would start here. Long story short I brew with a buddy of mine who just replaced his Blichmann TopTier system with a 20gal Spike Trio system. We primarily use Brewfather for recipe...
  3. MrChocolateBear

    Brewfather Profile for Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil

    Hello! After successfully completing a couple of brews from LHBS kits using a Brewer's Edge Mash & Boil, I've been interested in getting a deeper understanding of how recipes are made and how to brew better beer in general (e.g. water adjustments, etc.). Through my research, Brewfather came up a...
  4. A

    Calculating percent yield from SG for Brewfather

    So I am trying to add apple cider as a fermentable in Brewfather and was told to calculate the percent yield to add it. How do I convert a known SG to percent yield. For example, the cider I get averages 1.053
  5. B

    Scaling with BeerSmith vs Brewfather Troubles

    I'm too smoothbrained for this stuff guys. I'm hoping one of you can help shed some light on this for me. I'm trying to venture outside Brewing Classic Styles here but can't figure out scaling recipes. I found this Pseudo Sue clone a guy posted on his blog and had also created/shared in the...
  6. BryggAnton

    Adjusting salts in Brewfather BIAB

    I need help to set my adjustments for my salts in my BIAB system on Brewfather. First i mash for 75min. Then i mash out for 15 min. To faster reach the mash out temp i add boiling water. So i will have to calculate for that water I'm adding. I'm thinking of adding all water needed to the...
  7. schoberli

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hello community, This is Mikka from Switzerland. I found pleasure in homebrewing during lockdown time and I'm looking forward to discussions, tips and new beer trends in this amazing forum. My beer styles and ideas: I love NEIPA, sour beer and herbal beer. Definitely no fan of German...
  8. D

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